Monday, September 13, 2010

Well poop...

It seems I am failing at this whole blogging thing at the moment.  I think this will just have to be one of those things that I have to train myself to do.  Of course, my mood as of late has not helped me at all.  When I get depressed, it seems that I become pretty much worthless.  A lot of things have change in my life recently, and it seems that the way I have decided to deal with them is to just close in on myself. I even stopped playing the game I started and picked another one... I know that doesnt sound all that extreme, but, this is what people with my disorder tend to do. 

Another problem I have is that my business has come to a grinding halt... Now, I think I need a job.  However, I can only take on night work so it does not interfere with my daytime activities, which at the moment are nil.  I have a job to do, but the rain we keep getting here keeps me from working.  It is truly frustrating... I would like a job I can do at night from home... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  


  1. Stop depression! not getting anywhere

  2. your blog is great, and your life will get better you have to remember that someone ALWAYS has it much worse then you, just showing my support

  3. Sorry to hear that man, hope things get better
    Showing some supp

  4. Keep it up. Don't give in. Showing my support here.

  5. am gonna check this out, looks good, support.